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Female health

We can help you deal with health concerns which are specific to women. These may be to do with low energy, stress, compromised digestion, menopausal symptoms, PCOS and weight or bone health issues.

A carefully designed nutritional programme will help you support your body during those difficult moments, improving your health and increasing your general sense of well-being.

Client profile
47 year old female suffering from hormonal imbalance and dizzy spells

“My symptoms were adrenalin rushes in the morning and dizziness in the evening, Jane recommended that I do a  hormone and stress saliva test which showed obvious problems. After 6 weeks of simply changing  what and when I eat plus taking various supplements my symptoms have dramatically improved! I am so very grateful to Jane.. For 2.5 years before seeing Jane I had  a series of blood tests and health checks but all to no avail!”

Client profile
38 year old female suffering from parasitic infection and elevated liver enzymes

“I first came to see Jane with diarrhoea, burning gut pain and daily nausea which started after having given birth and had lasted for over a year. My doctor had also found elevated liver enzymes and I was tested for possible causes such gallbladder disease, cancer and coeliac disease which proved negative. My doctor concluded that I had had an unknown infection and hoped I would recover. I was given antibiotics in case which helped with the diarrhoea but the gut pain and nausea became worse. In an effort to try and help myself I decided to try reviewing my diet. I was recommended Jane and she initially sent my stool for an in-depth analysis. On the basis of the stool test's findings I was eventually referred to the London Hospital of Tropical Diseases where it was confirmed I had had Giardia and that it had affected my gut transit. With a careful diet overhaul and various courses of tailored probiotics, I have now improved and healed my gut to resume a normal life that is not consumed by feeling ill all the time. It has taken over a year working with Jane but now my liver enzymes are back to normal and I fully embrace all the things I have learnt from seeing Jane going forward in my new healthier life! I was really impressed by Jane's caring, scientific and thorough approach to helping me overcome my debilitating gut issues.”