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Sports nutrition

Optimum sports performance demands an exact blend of diet and training. What and when should you be eating to reach your sporting peak? How can you maintain your target weight? And which (if any) macro and micronutrients should you concentrate on?

The Food Therapy Practice will help you to peak performance with a programme personalised to your physique and sporting activity.

Client profile
19 year old male Oxford rower looking to optimise nutrition for high level sport

"Jane's assistance in restructuring my diet has significantly helped stabilize my weight fluctuations which has not only helped me to ward off midday fatigue but also allowed me to row and work my degree harder."

Client profile
51 year old perimenopausal looking to improve energy for exercise and daily activity

“I first contacted Jane because I was in need of help with my overall nutrition. At the age of 51, I was doing far more exercise than I ever had done before, whilst going through the various hormonal changes of a woman my age! More and more, I was finding myself tired and tearful and felt my diet needed an overhaul and my body re-energised! Jane was the perfect solution! After completing a health and lifestyle questionnaire and keeping a food diary for a week or so, I met up with Jane. Immediately we were able to address issues with my diet and eating habits so changes were put in place straight away. Jane is very easy to get on with and is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and what it needs; she is able to explain the benefits of certain foods and supplements so even I could understand! What I really found inspiring were the tips and recipes she introduced me to, from simple suggestions such as eating organic wherever possible, to making my own hummus! Four months on, I am feeling 100% better. I have a proper structure to my eating which incorporates the right food for my exercise, hence I am less tired and emotional! I love that I am looking after my body from the inside and I know if I ever need advice and support in the future, Jane is there to help. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!”